Unique & Attractive Products For Museum

Museum & Gift Design Scandinavia was introduced at the beginning of this century with only the MAG-MARK® magnetic book-marks concept. Since then many new products have found their way into our range. Today we can present custom-made items of more or less every kind and in any material. We are specialists in develop and produce bespoke products for museum shops in Sweden, the rest of Scandinavia and parts of the Continent. We see the museum shop as a unique tool to reinforce the message that the museum wants to give their visitors. Attractive and unique products that will convey a message and prolong the experience.

We work with many creators and have selected the best manufacturers within each product category. Our illustrious client list and portfolio of products is extensive and we are often recommended to new customers by existing ones. Working together, we can create fine, unique items that carry your own patterns, texts and decors.

Let us present to you our portfolio and please feel welcome to be inspired from what we have achieved for others.

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